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VIMUN Welcome Dinner

Sunday: Welcome Dinner

On Sunday evening we will have the opportunity to visit the traditional Viennese "Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner". "Heuriger" is the Viennese term for the wine of the last grape harvest. And it is also the name of the places where this wine is served. "Let's go to heuriger" is an invitation that marks the beginning of a sociable evening full of fun. At the Dinner you will enjoy Viennese cuisine (self payment of drinks).

VIMUN Gala Reception

Monday: Gala Reception

Monday evening, after the first day of negotiations in the committees, we will be hosted by the Mayor and the City of Vienna in the impressive Vienna City Hall. An official representative of the Viennese Government will welcome you. We will have the possibility to shake a leg (if you like to waltz) and you are invited to Viennese food and beverages.

VIMUN Intercultural Night

Tuesday: TBA

VIMUN Clubbing

Wednesday: Clubbing

On last day of our MUN, there will be a big party. The "ALLiNCLUB", exclusively reserverd for our VIMUN, is a new, very popular and trendy event hotspot. The club is located under two arches, part of the urban rail network, designed by famous architekt Otto WAGNER at the end of the 19th century. An exceptional atmosphere is offered due to the successful fusion of modernity and tradition. (Self payment of drinks, no food available.) It's going to be a great evening!

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