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Business Negotiation Club (BNC)

Participants of the AFA event series Business Negotiation Club (BNC)

General Information

Would you like to improve your negotiation skills? Then the AFA event series "Business Negotiation Club (BNC)" is what you are looking for. It provides an opportunity for young people (up to 30 years) to become better negotiators while offering a fun experience. We passionately believe that few skills are more crucial in business life than the ability to negotiate your desired outcome.

The emphasis of the BNC, founded by Ulrich Kopetzki in December 2010 as an event series of the United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria - Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs (UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA), is on learning by doing through practical exercises, role-play and feedback. In pairs and larger groups we negotiate two- and multi-party cases developed by expert centers such as the Harvard Program on Negotiation. After the negotiations of the groups, we analyse and compare their results.

Each BNC starts with a negotiation. Topics range from job interviews to salary negotiations, rental agreements, real estate sales, car purchases, dispute settlements etc.. The participants' task is to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves. Afterwards, when we compare the results, we will give each other feedback and analyse which strategies proved to be most successful.

The negotiations will be conducted in English (only basic knowledge is necessary) and they are dealing with business related content. Irrespective of the Business Negotiation Club being a project of UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA, the negotiations will not be linked to politics. No economic or legal knowledge is required.

Participation and Certificate

Due to the highly interactive nature of our negotiation sessions, only people interested in active participation can be admitted to our meetings (no audience).

Every term we offer special introductory sessions for newcomers, in which you get all general information on our learning by doing project. At this stage you will also negotiate your first small case.

During the year we focus on different negotiation aspects, however it is not necessary to participate at every single session. Certificate Programme: In case you would like to earn our valuable certificate you need to actively participate at least in 8 sessions between October and June. Participants who already fulfill the requirements for a certificate are cordially invited to apply for the certificate via austria@afa.at.

Thanks to our sponsors participation during the term October 2022 - June 2023 is for free, but participants need to be Member of the UNYSA-AUSTRIA-AFA Network.

Further Information

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