VIMUN 2003 Photo Gallery

August 10: Registration at the Hotel
August 10: Going to Styria
August 10: Preparation Talks
August 10: Welcome Dinner
August 10: Welcome Speeches

August 11: UN Registration
August 11: Opening Ceremony
August 11: Opening Speeches
August 11: Lunch Break
August 11: Goint to the City Hall
August 11: Reception at the City Hall
August 11: Tour through the City Hall

August 12: Reception at the Diplomatic Academy

August 13: Voting Procedures
August 13: VIMUN Clubbing

August 14: General Assembly
August 14: Best Speaker Awards
August 14: Speech by Dr. Kurt Waldheim
August 10: Thanks to the Staff

Committee Sessions
Group pictures


Pictures from UNIDO Committee by Martin Ruppe and Kathrin DELLANTONIO